"The Mental Health Association of Erie County came to our organization and did a wonderful presentation for our staff to educate them on how to care for themselves. As healthcare providers we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves and the presentation was a great reminder, you can’t care of others if you do not take care of yourself first. Our staff was so appreciative. They also came to our Wellness Fair to remind people of the services they have available. We are so appreciative for the partnership we have with the MHA. “
Denise Bishop RN
Clinical Education Hospice Buffalo

"As part of our Learning and Development strategy at New Era Cap Company we provide learning opportunities on a wide variety of topics that help managers become more effective in their leadership role. During the summer of 2014 Karl Shallowhorn conducted several sessions on “Mental Health in the Workplace” for managers in our organization. We worked with Karl prior to the presentation to give him insight in to New Era and to discuss some of the key themes we wanted him to highlight in his presentation. Karl exceeded our expectations in the presentation, it was educational, informative and provided excellent examples of how managers might recognize and deal with problems. If you are looking for programs tailored to your organization that support the development of your employees, I’d recommend Karl as a great partner. He listens and is extremely effective in creating and delivering presentations to meet your needs."
JoAnn K Adams
Vice President Human Resources
New Era Cap Company

"As a wellness and health management specialist, it is important to recommend and promote mental health in the workplace—Karl Shallowhorn is a fantastic resource and partner for any company. Karl’s professionalism, empathy and passion really resonates with employees and senior leaders. He has provided Mental Health First Aid training to some of our clients’ senior leaders and management teams and was also a guest presenter at one of our Health Management Roundtables—after these sessions I received positive feedback and many attendees walked away with having learned something new that they could implement or reinforce within their organization. I would recommend Karl to any organization looking to provide education and reduce the stigma around mental health disorders, training for senior leaders and management teams, and learning & development sessions."
Carly Kennedy, MS, CHES, CWPM,
Wellness & Health Management Specialist
Lawley Insurance

"For people outside the Mental Health profession, identifying situations where mental health issues are involved goes mostly unacknowledged. The Mental Health First Aide course teaches how to recognize various issues and provides ways to effectively and safely deal with situations for the nonprofessional. After having gone through the Mental Health First Aide course, I thought it would be beneficial for our staff. We are a property management company providing housing for a cross section of people with disabilities. Karl presented a Workplace Wellness program for us, explaining many of the negative misconceptions people have about mental health issues, and how impacting they can be in preforming daily activates. The presentation was originally thought to be helpful in the workplace, and it was surprising how many members of the staff indicated it’s helpfulness in their personal lives. I would recommend the course for any staff development. "
Scott Russo
Operations Manager
Q & D Management Inc.

"Sherex decided to reach out to the Mental Health Association of Erie County for mental wellness trainings for our employees and we are glad that we did. Sherex understands the value in our employees and recognizes that their mental wellness contributes directly to their efficiency and productivity while at work. The Self-Care: The Mind-Body Connection and Mental Health in the Workplace: It Makes Dollars and Sense trainings were great speaking topics for our employees. The trainings included an over view of signs to look for when an individual is struggling with mental health issues, as well as tips on how to alleviate stress and other triggers causing mental distress. Employees found out about programs that they did not realize were available to them prior to the trainings through both our organization and the Mental Health Association of Erie County. Sherex is also looking into adding the stress relievers into our organization such as yoga, book clubs, and walking groups.”
Julie Metz,
Accounting Manager
Sherex Fastening Solutions, LLC

"Mental Health First Aid training helps break down the barriers created by stigma. I found the training to be sensitive, respectful and informative. The training challenges the myths that exist in society. We are reminded that mental illness, just like a physical ailment, is treatable. For clinicians, it provides a great refresher. For persons outside of the behavioral health sector, Mental Health First Aid is an excellent opportunity to gain insight, break down barriers, and educate people that recovery is possible. I recommend Mental Health First Aid for the general public, law enforcement, the media and judiciary.”
Michael Ranney
Commissioner of Mental Health for Erie County

"I am happy to recommend the Metal Health First Aid Training Program presented by Karl Shallowhorn. This program is very well organized and presented in such a way that no matter what level of clinical skill and knowledge you may have in the field of behavioral health, you walk away with a new level of understanding, knowledge and compassion for clients and families that are impacted by mental health disorders. "
Michelle Curto
VP of Administrative Services
Horizon Health Services

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