Should You Shower After Waking Up: The Best Time to Shower

A shower in the morning can help you start your morning the right way. But taking a shower immediately after you wake up is something you should think twice before doing it.

You should not take shower immediately after waking up. Let your body temperature back to normal, do some stretching, and get some fresh air. Then you are good to take a shower in the morning.

Showering first thing in the morning is stronger than your daily cup of coffee.


The Best Time to Shower

It’s up to you to decide. Showering in the morning or at night is a personal preference. It depends on your lifestyle habits and can shift from day to day depending on your activities.

But if I had to choose, perhaps I will prefer the evening shower. Showering before bed can help you wash off bacteria and sweat.
An evening shower can improve your quality of sleep which is a huge advantage. Better sleep can boost your productivity, improve your health, and make you happier. But always do what works best for your lifestyle.

Benefits of showering in the morning

It wakes you up

If you have a rough time waking up, a morning shower may be just what you need to feel energized and lively. The sensation of running water on your body will make you feel refreshed and ready to start your day. As we all have experienced before, cold water can make you gasp for breath and this can be a good thing. It helps you breathe more deeply and take more oxygen into your body. This increased level of oxygen in your body gives you an instant dose of energy. This will help you to start your day in a more positive mood.

Boosts creativity

Taking shower in the morning will boost your creativity and help you to stay focused in morning. During a survey In 2015 cognitive psychologist, Scott Barry Kaufman found that 72% of people encountered new ideas and found themselves more creative in the shower. Taking shower after you wake up will help you be creative and more focused before you start your day.

Decreases Stress

If you wake up uncomfortable with a rapid heartbeat, then maybe it’s a sign that you suffer from stress and overthinking the things that you have to do that day. A morning bath is a great way to decrease that stress. A morning shower helps your brain take more oxygen. Adequate oxygen in the brain decreases stress.

Wash off sweat and bacteria from your sleep

If you find yourself waking up sweaty or oily, a quick shower can make your skin fresh and balanced. Showers in general have a very positive effect on your skin health. A morning shower can be more beneficial in this aspect. It helps you wash off sweat and dirt accumulated during sleep. While we sleep, many toxins are discarded through sweat. A.M showers help to wash them away.

Benefits of showering at the night

A shower at night can help you sleep.

We just discuss that a morning shower wakes you up, but it works twofold. A morning shower can help you wake up and an evening shower can prepare your body for sleep. A study suggests that taking a warm shower 90 minutes before bed cools the body’s core temperature and promotes sleep.

Researchers in Finland claims that taking a shower at night can improve your quality of sleep. 

Remove oil and dust accumulated on your skin

Taking shower before bed helps you remove oil and bacteria accumulated on your skin for the night’s work in repairing the skin cells. Especially if you’re partial to outdoor activities. And even if you never left home, oil and bacteria can still accumulate on your skin. An evening shower will help your body to repair the skin cells while you are sleeping.

Promote relaxation

A warm bath in the evening can ease tension and anxiety and promote relaxation. The warmth will help you destress from a long day and bring on sleep.

You’ll no longer get germs on your bed

Our bodies accumulate bacteria and germs, so if you go to sleep without taking a shower for too many nights in a row, it could make your bed contaminated and make your face more prone to acne. Too many objects we are touching throughout the day -like car seats- have never been cleaned. Hair collects bacteria from these objects and then your hair touches your bed, if you take a shower before going to bed, this will help keep your bed cleaner and thus your body healthier.

A better morning routine

Taking your bath at night will help you even in the morning. You will free up some time in the morning that you can use for something else. You can do any activity that makes your morning more productive like writing or working out and if you feel you need to be refreshed, you can wash your face and have a cup of coffee.


Taking your shower at night or in the morning, it’s all a personal preference. We may prefer the night bath over the morning bath, but you can have your shower in the morning after you wake up if that’s what suits you. You can always shift between them depending on your daily activities.

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